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VRf compiled C-functions in windows

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 13, 1997

Up until now I have been using VEE-test in a UNIX enviromnment.
At this moment I am asked to port a program to a PC. This is no problem
for the VEE-test functions themselves but I also need to port a number
of compiled functions.
These were written in ANSI-C and were made compatible with VEE-test
(passed parameter declarations, definition file, etc). 
I do not have much experience with the PC-windows environment:
Which compiler do I have to use? Which options do I have to specify
at compilation?
Can anyone help me to get a quick solution such that I do not have to
work trough all the manuals ? (an example would be very helpfull).

Thank You in advance. 

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