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Question about records and datasets

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 8, 1997

     You can get the last 50 records by specifying that section of the
     array as follows:
                       |                      |
     +--------------+  |  +--------------+    |  +------------------------+
     | From DataSet |  |  | totSize(x)   |    |  | Formula                |
     +--------------+  |  +--------------+    |  +------------------------+
     |              |--+--|x| totSize(x) |-+  +--|A|                      |
     +--------------+     +--------------+ |     |-| A[max([0,B-50]):B-1] |
                                           +-----|B|                      |
     The max() function ensures that when there's less than 50 records,
     you'll get all of the records.
     Bruce Wenner
     HP St. Paul

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Subject: Question about records and datasets
Author:  Non-HP-rdm ( at HP-USA/o2=mimegw3
Date:    9/8/97 1:26 PM

I'm new to HP VEE 4.0 so hopefully there is a simple solution to my

I want to search a dataset and "grab" the most recently added 50 records
within it.  Then I want to extract the values of ONE of the fields of
all 50 records and compute the average value.

I don't know what search specifier to use in the "From Data Set" box so
that I will always get the last 50 records.  (The total number of
records will continually increase.)  One of the fields will be a time
stamp; perhaps there is some way to "grab" the 50 records with the
"smallest" time stamp?

Thanks for any help

Roger Martin