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VRF - Accessing DOS MD, CD etc...

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 30, 1998
James Atkin <James.Atkin@Phase.Com> wrote:
> Hi There,
> Is there a way to access MD, CD etc without having to run a DOS session for
> each one ?
> I have creatied a function that generates 'x' number of levels of directory
> structure, i.e.
> md c:level1
> md c:level1Level2
> md c:level1Level2Level3
> etc..
> Each time a 'md' is executed, a Command Prompt is executed and when finished,
> exited.
> The next stage is then done.
> As you can imagine, this can be quite time consuming on 5 or 6 level
> directories !
> Is there any alternative ?

I can think of two:

(1) Write all the commands you need to a file (like a .bat) then
    execute that file with one DOS session.
    This probably is your best bet.
(2) Use the windows API directly. You'll need to build the header file but
    after that you're just executing functions to build the directories
    or do lots of other things.
    This would be very fast but requires a lot more work and support
    becomes an issue since nothing guarantees that the API won't change.

Stan Bischof

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