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I/O configuration update

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 4, 1998
     I do know that Win95 allows a user to reserve interupts through it's
     control panel.  I don't know if NT allows this, but check it out. 
     This is well out of the scope of what you should expect as far as help
     goes from the Vee exchange.  I hope that you have tried HP's support
     lines.  I they cannot help you, and you would like me to call them
     from within HP,and tell them they are not serving you, our valued
     customer, please feel free to let me know.  We want you to like our

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Subject: Vrf: I/O configuration update
Author:  Non-HP-mgustin ( at HP-PaloAlto,uugw6
Date:    3/4/98 2:42 PM

Well I still have not solved the problem but I think I know  the problem is.
The problem is that I am continuing to have IRQ conflicts between the HPIB
card and the ethernet card. Despite setting the IRQ in the ethernet card
setup to 5 and the IRQ of the HPIB card to i/o config software to 10, the
HPIB setting gets set to 5 when the machine is rebooted.
I went to another machine with the HPIB card and set it up using the I/O
config software. Despite setting the IRQ to 15 and the memory address to
250, when the machine was rebooted NT diagnostic manager indicated the HPIB
board had an IRQ of 5 and the memory address was 310. This machine had a
different ethernet card.
Does anyone understand what is happening and how to stop it?
I appreciate any help.
Mike Gustin