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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 1, 1999
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I'm no expert in these matters, I don't know how the importation into HPVEE
works or why the dlls must be compiled this way, but I reckon I got you
started so I'll give it another whirl.

For some peticular reason you have to compile your dll for use by External
"C" functions if you use cpp compiler. Secondly, whether C or C++ you have
to place the _declspec(dllexport) in front of each function definition. If
that was not done when your dll was compiled, then you won't see an export
table. If you want to get technical, Microsoft has a bunch of documents on
_declspec( that would probably lead you to why it must be used. If the
Extern "C" is not used under a cpp compile, then you see your function names
jumbulia in the export table. If Keithley gave you the source code for this
dll, then you can make these modifications on your own. If they did not,
then you are at their mercy, call them up and tell them your external
application requires it. Like we were instructed before when wading through
Multi-vendor support don't mention any names if you don't have to.

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Subject: DLLs

Dear Sir,

I am still busy figuring how to implement a Keithley-board into HP VEE 5.0
(by using a DLL). I examined some DLLs with Quick View and the DLL needed
(according to Keithley's documantation) -DasShl32.dll has no Exported
Functions (Import Tables: Kernel32.dll , WOW32.dll). DasShell16.dll and
DasShell.dll (older versions) have all Export Functions I need... But when
using for example DasShell.dll I get the error message "A device attached to
the system is not functioning (Error number: 716)".

I tried some things in MS Visual C++ but with no results... I thought that
importing the DLL and calling the function(s) are the only steps to be taken
for using a specific DLL in HP VEE. I think that I am lacking some
basic-knowledge here...So, my question is where to find documentation
(books) about DLL's.

BTW  HP VEE 5.0: " Only DLLs specifically written for HP VEE will work
because HP VEE does not suppport 8 -bit characters or 32-bit reals" Is it
possible that the Keithley's DLLs don't work at all in HP VEE ??

Yours Truly,

Johan Bouwhuis

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