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VRf: Anyone using InstruNet system with VEE5.0/01?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 8, 1999
Latest reply on Apr 8, 1999 by VRFuser
Hello to all,
please forgive the general nature of my enquiry, but I'm very new to Vee and
I was wondering if antone else is using (successfully) the instruNet i100 &
i200 distributed data aquisition system with HPVee 5.0 or 5.01?
I only recently purchased this system based on a demo and recommendation
from an electronics test engineer friend, with a view to replacing our old
Yokogawa 4081 hybrid recorder; (paper records only!)
I have installed and tested the system hardware & software and run the demo
Vee application with mixed results.
My only problems seem to relate to the 'demos' being written for HPVee 4.0,
and at every error, I seem to have to change path and file references
manually to the Vee5.0 ones.
Is there any updated 'drivers' (if this is the correct term) for Vee5.0 and
Any help or refs. would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks,
John Byrne.
Technology Projects Manager, Microlights Ltd. UK.