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VRf-Need-help: Timer in milliseconds?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 9, 1999
Actually the now() object returns a Real to two decimal places. Which,
numerically would be accurate to 10ms. That really is better than Windows
can provide so it would be good enough. There is also Devices=>Timer which
can be used like a stop watch. If you need better resolution than say 50ms,
better get a timer card or something in hardware. If you had 5.0 I believe
there are ActiveX timer controls that boast amazing accuracy, but I've never
used one.

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We are using HP-VEE 4.0 with Data Translation DT304 boards.

We would like to record the time after each loop execution.   HP-VEE
provides the now() function for measuring time in seconds but not
anything smaller.

Is there some way that we can record time in tenths of a second so that
every time a loop (a group of tasks) is executed we have the
corresponding time as well.

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated

Vinay Gupta