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FW: Ver4.0 or ver5.0?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 9, 1999
It is interesting that this question has come up since I just
spent the last two weeks converting my Vee 4.0 programs to 5.01.

I cut my teeth on Vee 3.0 and Vee 4.0 developing a test executive that used
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to interface to a MS Access database.
All the test menu info., test limits, test results, etc. are stored in the
Access database. When the Vee test executive program runs it reads
all of the information from the Access database and sets up the menus.
When all the tests are done it writes the test results to the Access
and prints a data sheet from Access. This is all done from the Vee program.
The .vee program was approximately 500K in size.

I just finished the conversion yesterday. Instead of using DDE I used
relying heavily on the example programs, Helsel's book on vee, the Vee
advanced programming book, other books on VBA, and an Access book. The
same .vee program is now 300K in size and is fast!!! I can not say enough
using ActiveX in 5.0, now that I have switched over. It greatly simplified
the Vee
program and it simpified the access database tremendously. I now see a lot
of other things that I can do with it, that were not possible before.

I developed a Vee / Excel program two weeks ago when I was just starting
that generates a math worksheet for
my son, who is struggling with math at the moment. It took all of 20 minutes
to do this. I did not know of any other way to do this, unless I really dug
excel. I have developed other math worksheets before right in excel but this
particular math worksheet was not straight forward in excel. Vee 5.01 made
a piece of cake.

That is my two cents.

Mike Gustin
Test Engineer
Siemens Medical

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> Subject:     Ver4.0 or ver5.0?
> Which is better 4.0 or 5.0?

> what are the benefits of activeX?

> Is it worth it?

> I've just started to learn on 4.0 should I get my company to 5.0?

> If I do need to get 5.0, please give me some **** hot reason why to
> justify the cost.

> I work in instrumentation and  control ind.

> thanks ash