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vrf When did VEE appear on Unix and Windows?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 21, 2001
Greetings VEEers:

This one is more on-topic than my last posting.

For the same issue, I'm writing a kind of history of PC-based
instrumentation. The ideas is to highlight certain points over the last 20
years regarding PCs in general and instrumentation in particular and how
they have helped (or hurt) test engineers.

I wonder when was HP first VEE introduced for Unix?
When did the Windows Version first appear?

I'm also trying to identify certain events that changed the way engineers
use computers for measurement applications. Rather than clog this list with
discussions that don't directly relate to VEE, please reply directly to me.
I'll notify everyone when the article is available in print and online.


Martin Rowe
Senior Technical Editor
Test & Measurement World
voice 617-558-4426

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