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VRf - Need help with HP VEE RunTime 5.0...

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 6, 1999
Latest reply on Apr 6, 1999 by VRFuser
Timothy McFadden wrote:

> I have one more problem with the RunTime environment.  It seems as though I
> can only run the 'I/O Configuration' one time.  Whenever I try to run that
> again, the RunTime environment loads up and then immediatly shuts down.  I
> never get to the 'Instrument Manager'.

Yeah, if you don't give runtime a program ... well, it doesn't run anything.

> The only way I can get RunTime to
> show me the Instrument Manager is by uninstally the RunTime environment and
> re-installing it (re-installing the RunTime environment does not solve the
> problem by itself).

You have to invoke it with a command-line option:  -ioconfig.  Try setting
up a specific VEE icon for this purpose.

> Thanks for any input.
> Timothy McFadden
> Device Engineer
> ATMEL Corp.
> Colorado Springs, CO, USA

    Greg Goebel
    HP MXD Marketing (HP only)