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Analogue input without speacial i/o card?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 21, 1999
"John Byrne" <> wrote:
> Can anyone please help me with any info related to aquiring a single
> channel, 0-5Vdc analogue input  into a PC using a serial or the parallel
> port and no special i/o card?

You don't mention price but it sounds like you are very low-end, so
I'd suggest any of a number of companies that sell serial-port data
acquisition modules. I've never seen a single A/D channel like
you spec- always 2 or more plus multiple digitals inputs, but
I have seen prices as low as $50 but $100 seems more the norm.

These are typically about the size of a long gender-changer, with
25 pin serial on one side and connectors for data acq on the other.
Some are encased, some bare-board.

Haven't ever used one of these but I imagine you'd find one
pretty fast with a web search.for something like
"serial port data acquisition module".



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