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Question about HPVee and statistical software packages

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 7, 1999
Latest reply on Apr 7, 1999 by VRFuser
We're currently logging all our tester data to an application called relm
and qstats2 from Derby. They're an HP Channel Partner.  That runs on a HP-UX machine and uses Oracle for the
database. It's main use is for HP3070 testers but works good with VEE (I
have the vee code). We're currently working with a company to beta test
their new product called Analyst which is based on Microsoft Access (I have
the vee code) That company is also an HP Channel Partner. Both have repair
station terminals for manual datalogging in addition to the automatic
logging. Only Derby's software does the reporting functions you mentioned
(I'm working on the Analyst reports now). There's also Unicam, but I don't
know much about that product. wrote:

> Does anyone have a recommended statistical software package which HPVee
> can write mfg test data to such that one can plot paretos, trend charts,
> and distributions? I am working on an automated test and writing the
> software in HPVee 5.0. I want to save the test data in an MSAccess
> database or a database which a statistical package can interface to.
> Thanks,
> Nancy Moreyra
> Mfg Test Engr.
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