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VRF- text string DDE to EXCEL

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 15, 1999
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HP VEE - Ver 3.21

I have a text string that I would like to put into an EXCEL spreadsheet, the
string is five 'words' that are seperated by, normally 2 or 3, spaces.
The text string is in the format

1.  +3.50KV  90  +2.75KV  +1.70KA
2.  -3.50KV  90  -2.67KV  -1.69KA
10. -3.50KV  90  -2.67KV  -1.69KA

because the spaces are not always at the same location in the string, I
can't just look for characters x to n.

I would like each word to be in a seperate column

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