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vrf 8753E data to memory

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 21, 1999
Hello Scott,
        You can't do it that way.  If you look at the data processing chain
     from page 1-38 in you 8753 Programming and Command Reference Guide,
     you will see that the memory point occurs before the trace math and
     other formatting functions.  If you input the format array, then do
     "DATI" you will be putting the data-data into memory:
     We have several data spots which we refer to as:
     pre-rawdata ->  OUTPPRE    (Includes sampler cal, if active) 
     rawdata     ->  OUTPRAW, OUTPRAF  (Includes sampler cal, sampler
                                        and attenuator offsets )
     data-data   ->  OUTPDATA, OUTPDATF (Includes error correction,if on)
     format-data ->  OUTPFORM, OUTPFORF (Includes,format,scaling,trace
             It is always the data-data array that is put into memory.  To
     do the function that you want, you need output data-data, rather than
     format data.  If you really want formatted output data, you need to
     output both arrays, one for use in you software (format) and the other
     to put the trace back (data).  Finally, you need to use the "INPUDATA"
     command to get the data into the data-data array, which is then
     transferred to memory with the "DATI" command.

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Subject: vrf 8753E data to memory
Author:  Non-HP-Scott-Anderson ( at HP-Sonoma,mimegw1
Date:    6/22/99 9:26 AM

Hello all,
Hopefully this is easy,
I read the trace of the active channel out of an analyzer using "outpform;"  the
n I want to put this array back into memory at the analyzer.
I am trying "inpuform;" then sending "dati;" but the track is not going to memor
y like I thought it would.
any suggestion welcome
<<mem save.vee>> simple example allot more is involved in real program.  
Scott Anderson
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