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VRF : XvsY (scale Y, Y2,Y3 and traces) and SavePanel on VEE 5

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 23, 1999
Does anyone know where I could get a list of proper syntax to use for
DDE execute transactions for Excel spreadsheets?  Two examples are:

EXECUTE CMND:"[SAVE.AS("filename.xls")]"
EXECUTE CMND:"[FORMULA("=PMT(r1c1/12,r1c2*12,r1c3)","r1c4")]"

The tools-customize-commands menu in Excel kind of gives you some ideas
about what is available but lacks what I need for programming.

In particular, I would like to insert X rows into the spreadsheet so
that rather
than incrementing the row numbers for my r1c1:r12c20 write statement on
run, I can simply bump the data down and keep writing to the same

Thanks for your thoughts!

Jon Craig