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End of line character

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 25, 1999
UNIX uses a different EOL than windows. If I remember correctly it's a linefeed
and not a carriage return.

"Parker, Shawn" wrote:

> Hello,
>         Everytime I institute write transaction and EOL a character of  ^M
> is placed on the end of the line.   The character is not visible in any
> windows program but it does show up in UNIX.  The character is visible to
> our TOPAS software and UNIX Text editors.   The appearance of the character
> ^M causes the TOPAS software to error.  Has anyone run into this problem
> with 4.01 and do you have a solution to end a line with out having that
> character appear?
>         Thanks
>         Shawn Parker
>         FCSI


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