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Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 27, 1999
I unfortunately tried to run that exe before I got the warning email, and
infected my computer.  I do have Norton Anti-Virus installed, but it won't
detect the virus until you update to the newest virus definition files
(dated 06/10/99). Also, once you have run this program it locks you out
from deleting the file that you ran, because it is still running. It can be
shut down by hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL ONCE to bring up the end task box, and
killing all instances of "zipped_file" you find there. 

I have also found that it edited my win.ini file and added a "run
_setup.exe" command.

I didn't find the "run explore.exe" command in my win.ini that was
mentioned in an earlier email, so this might mean that the "run" command
added to you win.ini could vary from computer to computer.

BTW the FTP address for the newest Norton Anti Virus definition files is:

Luckily I seem to be suffering no ill effects once I cleaned this virus out.

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