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Using GetObject ActiveX Control for Excel

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 24, 1999

SMART Electronic Development GmbH - Germany

Von:  Ralf Eichele@SMART GMBH am 25.01.99 08:23

Thema:    Re:VRF:Using GetObject ActiveX Control for Excel

Dear Mike,

I got in earlier times also the problems with vee and excel. Take a look at
      the example. It maybe helps you.

Best regards

Ralf Eichele

While trying to figure out some other stuff I stumbled across
half an example of what you need. I completed it and hope
that this will bring you any further. To use the example
get an hpvee formula box, remove it's input and output
terminals, enlarge the box and paste the lines below.
(In an hpvee formula box Copy = Ctrl C and Paste is Ctrl V
use the mouse to select text.)
Then get 5 'Declare Variable' objects, select Type Object
and select the name and the Class as listed below.

set WB = getObject("VeeToExcel.xls","Excel.sheet");
set EA = WB.Application;
WB.Application.Visible = TRUE;
Set WS = WB.ActiveSheet;
WB.ActiveSheet.Visible = TRUE;
WS.Visible =TRUE;
WWS = WB.Windows;
WW  = WWS.Item(1);
WW.WindowState = xlMaximized;
WW.Visible = TRUE;

// The Declared Variables are of Type 'Object'
// and have the following 'Class' :
//  WS   = Worksheet
//  EA   = Application
//  WB   = Workbook
//  WWS  = Windows
//  WW   = Window