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uninstalling VEE 5 Evaluation

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 1999
This works, thanks for all your help.  What a relief...
Paul Bryan
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     From the Windows help file:
        To change which program starts when you open a file
1       In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the View menu, and
        then click Options.

2       Click the File Types tab.
3       In the list of file types, click the one you want to change.
        The settings for that file type are shown in the File Type Details box.
4       Click Edit.
5       In the Actions box, click Open.
6       Click Edit, and then specify the program you want to use to open files
        that have this extension.

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Subject: uninstalling VEE 5 Evaluation
Author:  Non-HP-pbryan ( at HP-USA/o2=uugw3
Date:    2/10/99 12:59 PM

I know this problem is not HP's direct responsibility, but I don't know
enough about WIN95/98 to fix it.

I recently installed the evaluation of VEE5, and evaluated it.  When I was
finished, I went to Add/Remove Programs, and uninstalled it.

Fine, but now Windows does not recognize files of type ".vee" as belonging
to any particular program.  Now I can't double click on a .vee file, and
have it run VEE4 to open it automatically.  It's quite tedious to open some
files when you have to muddle through so many directories just to find the
location of the program.

I know that this should be easy to fix, but for the life of me...

If someone could please give me step by step method of how to re-map .vee
programs back to VEE4, I would appreciate it very much.

Sometimes when I double click on a file of unknown type, Windows will ask
what program I want to use to open it.  That is not the case with the .vee
type.  When I double click on a .vee file on the desktop, for example,
absolutely nothing happens.  No dialog comes up at all.

Paul Bryan
ABL Electronics Corporation
410-584-2738 x133