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Antwort: sicl32.dll and and 8 serial ports

Question asked by aufenanger on Feb 9, 1999

Dear Ralf,

usually every serial driver has his own problem. I think the problem is that
you clear the Buffer and you will have a timing problem. So here we need a
workaround which fits for you. Maybe it is possible to start one block
earlier to read the data's? Perhaps it is possible to start buffer clearing
before you get the trigger command? Did you try to read serial data's with
another program. Perhaps it can be a solution to read Data's in a Visual
Basic program.

That are only some ideas because I don't know the problem exactly.

Best regards
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     Hello Barbara,

     First, we use WinNT. The Problem are not the single Threads. The
Devices we
     connected send max. every 20 ms Data the a serial port. We've got a
     of 2048K. The threads are seperated. The problem is that we clear
     buffer, when Data is coming from the Devices. I think the problem is
     VEE. The problem must be the buffer handling via SICL. Any