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VRF-MigrationProblem Unix-PC (serial I/F)

Question asked by aufenanger on Feb 10, 1999
Dear Karl,

first thing I would try is the cable. Usually every time I have a new
computer and try to install a serial connection. I have to cange cable. I am
pretty sure that your UNIX-System has different pins than you PC.

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Hello Vee-Users,

a curious thing with the RS232 under VEE4 - 5.01:
- Under HP-UX (HP745) all kinds of handshake variations work fine.
- Under 95/NT (PC PII) transactions with H/W-handshake RTS/CTS produce
  timeout(XON/XOFF is ok).

Configuration of both machines:
- the identical VEE-Program
- the identical serial device&cable
- the identical entries in the serial configuration under

I would be glad to hear about your experiences/workarounds/tips.

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