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Addressing individual COM port pins

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 10, 1999
Hello VEE users,

I am currently trying to control the output of my COM port pins using
VEE.  I am trying to program an EEPROM memory chip by controlling its 4
inputs(clock, datain, dataout, chipselect).  The timing is synchronous,
so it can be crudely controlled by software.  The EEPROM works on CMOS
levels, so if I can convert the COM port to CMOS, and control each COM
port pin individually, I've solved the problem.  I guess that I'll need
a lower level language to address the pins individually, then use VEE's
"Execute program" function.

Does anyone have any experience or tips with regard to the above.  I'd
be really grateful.


Tom Evans.

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