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VRF-Obtaining Error message from HP8510 Vector Network Analyzer

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 10, 1999
     I am a new user to HP VEE 5.X. I am trying to use it to write a
program to communicate with HP8510 Vector Network Analyzer. The Driver
panel that HP provide didn't come with calibration for the VNA. So
currently I am writing the calibration with the HP VEE. After doing some
study I found that there is a few ways to do it. One is the best way is
to write a driver panel for it, since I am new to VNA as well as HP VEE
so I am not sure how to write the panel. Can someone give me some hint
and the requirement on how to write the panel. either with HP VEE 5.X or
C++ or Visual Basic. I am more familiar with C++ and Visual Basic.
     Currently I am trying to write the calibration program with HP
VEE and find it very hard and very slow when I am trying to read the
error from the VNA that is if I can read the error from it. I had tried
to purposely write a wrong command to the VNA so that an error can be
generated and then read the error message from the VNA. I am using the
Direct I/O to communicate with VNA.

     Say for example :

     I first [ write text "FALSE " EOL ]
     Then [  write text "OUTERRO" EOL ]
     Then [ Read text x STR ]

     Then I output X to a alphanumeric display. The above won't give
me any output in X. Then I have tried to used the buildin error of the
Direct I/O still it give me error as it like i.e. in some cases it do
give me the error code like 811 or 2, but not for every error displayed
in the VNA screen.

Keat Jau
Package Electrical Characterization Engineer
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