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GetUserName in ADVAPI32.dll

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 14, 1999
malcolm wrote:
> Does anyone a neat way to prevent copying a vee app.
> I know somewhere the disc and/or motherboard has a serial no which could be
> logged first time Bit i've no idea how to get in VEE

Sir:  I think the simplest thing would be to insist that the user set up
an environment variable named, say, "VPASSWD", and then test for it with
the VEE "GetEnv()" function.  With a secured application, the user would
not be able to inspect the code to see what value the password should be.

Now this means that the user has to set up that environment variable, but
from the point of view of security that's all to the good.

Please let us know how this works out. 

[%%] gvg

> Any ideas ???
> Malcolm Bint
> ACIC int

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