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VRF-VEE5.01 on Win95 & Deskjet printers

Question asked by aufenanger on Feb 9, 1999
Hi Rachel,

I don't think there is a difference between the LaserJet and the DeskJet
commant. I actually don' have a manual of the DeskJet 600 or whatever you
use. But I have a manual of DeskJet500. There is no difference between this
commands. Are you sure, that you use the "FormFeed" sign at the last byte of
your side. If not there can be an overflow.

Best regards
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     >Hi Rachel,
     >If you use a "to file"-object to LPT1 instead of a "to
printer"-object you
     >can send escape sequences to the printer. It works also fine when
     >printer is installed at the server. I am using a LaserJet. But it
     >also work with the same escape sequence with your DeskJet.
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     >     Hello all,
     >     Does anyboy know how to change the printer status to
Landscape or
     >     with a command from VEE ?
     >     Regards
     >     Rachel
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     Hi B. Aufenanger,

     Thank you for your answer.
     It works fine if you just use - to file - LPT1. But I also print
graphs in
     the same program and strange things happen. If I first print, the
     does not print the graph later (I print it with the plot terminal on
the XY
     Trace or with the menu on the right button of the mouse) and a red
     appears on the printer. After I quit the program and start it again
     restart the printer, somehow the printer does not print the under
score line.
     The situation is real bad in a program where I use ISA bus cards.
The first
     time I approuch a configuration object I get a red error message
     Could it be because the Deskjet commands are not exactly the
     commands ?