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GPIB plus Infinium scope

Question asked by kozlov on Feb 15, 1999
Hi all,

I have just detected a puzzle. I tried to connect my Infinium and HP33120A
Generator to one National Instruments AT-GPIB interface card. To my regret, I
spent a lot of time before I realized it is impossible to connect Infinium
together some other equipment. I tried  to use HP34970A, however the result
the same. I checked GPIB cables, using HP33120A and HP34970A. This
configuration worked well. I built a system with connected HP33120A and
Infinium once again. If I did not turn on Infinium power, HP33120A worked
If I turned on Infinium power, HP33120A don?t accept reset (*RST) command. The
same is true for HP34970A. It seems to me that HP 82340 HPIB interface card,
which installed in Infinium, is not compatible with interface cards used in
other HP equipment.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

With best regards,

Mikhail Kozlov.