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VRF - Error 553: This item's control has been deleted

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 16, 1999
Hi all.

To those of you using ActiveX, have you ever run across this error? If so,
did you find out what it actually means? Does VEE occasionally destroy and
recreate controls as part of some memory compaction scheme?

I'm using a ListView control. It is (fully) declared (global) early on in
the program along with two other general objects, a var each for it's
ColumnHeaders and ListItems collections. This control constantly updates
while the program is running. It's mounted on a panel that can be shown or
hidden as necessary. Very occasionally, after I hide the panel this error
occurs at various places. Any access to the object causes this error. Any
access at all. However, the globals folder always shows all these objects as
valid and set to their respective interfaces. What's more, the interface
pointers are correct! What the heck is that?

I've never seen this happen in any other AX container environment and it's
driving me bonkers. The only clue I have is from common control help - Error
number 35605's VB value is ccElemNotPartOfCollection. In other words, it
seems that the control really did go away briefly. Waiting doesn't help
though. The program can not be restarted until I exit and restart VEE.

Shawn Fessenden
Mgr., Technical Support
Oswego Software, Inc.