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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 17, 1999

I have problem when using HP 4155A with HP VEE 5.0.

My case is that I wish to do a 4-point recistance measurment with use of
direct I/O and compound driver for HP 4155A. Using Direct I/O are
sucessfull, but when using
compound driver for the equpiment, I get problem.
My problem is:
Why is the reason that when I use compound driver for HP 4155A, I can't read
comands (read: text strings) into the different pages for the equpiment.
I send you the file that I trouble with.

I have also tried to solve the problem with using panel driver instead of
compound driver, with no sucsess. The problem in that case was that I get an
error message:
That is present in a general form like this.

Error 810
Instrument driver errror <n>: <description>
Refer to ypur instrument manual for futher information
An instrument error has occured. This error shows the instrument error that
was passed from the instrument to the instrument driver, into HP VEE.
For exampel, the error may look like:
Instrument driver error 1051: Device xxx reported error nnn
"xxx"- is the name you assigned to the instrument under I/O Instrumnet
"nnn"- is the instrument's error message to look up in your instrument
manual to find what the error really is. your instrument manual will give

In our concret case the: "xxx" was market "1051" and "nnn" "9,
" or

I will be very pleasefull if I get answear on this soon.

Best regards

Kjetil Hagheim - Test and Measurement Engineer FE Technology - Sensonor asa.