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Error 604: "Function was not loadable".

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 22, 1999
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Dear Sir,

Currently, I am working on implementing a DAS1802ST-AD
board (Keithley) in HP VEE 5.0 by using a DLL. The DLL
loads fine into memory but when calling a function during
RunTime I recieve error message 604: "Function was not
loadable". The .h (.hpp) supplied by Keithley is written
for use in C/C++ and Turbo Pascal. So, I converted the .h-
file. I think that's where things go wrong...
Although the .h-files compiles well in HP VEE I am not
certain if my conversion is done properly.
I would like to ask you if you could answer the following

Keithley's .h-files (.hpp) and its supplied functions must
be kept in original order:
For instance: Function_a ()
              Function_b ()
              Function_c ()
is not the same as:
              Function_b ()
              Function_c ()
              Function_a ()
The position of a function determines the function called
not its name!?

The following conversion is OK:

#ifndef WORD
#define WORD unsigned short

typedef unsigned long DWORD;

#ifndef DASErr
#define DASErr WORD

DASErr far pascal K_OpenDriver (char far *szDevName,
       char far * szCfgName, DWORD far * phDrv);
Johan in HP VEE 5.0:
Int K_OpenDriver (char* *szDevName, char* *szCfgName,
       long phDrv);

Thanks a lot for all your help!!

Yours Truly,

Johan Bouwhuis.
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