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VRF-VEE upgrade file compatability

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 21, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 21, 1999 by VRFuser
Hello Paul,
>        I'm running VEE 3.12 under Windows 3.11. My test programs are
> generally of a looping nature with extensive read-write operations to the
> parallel port, with about 10 loop/second max speed.
>        I feel it is time to upgrade to VEE 5.X to increase execution speed
> that the compiled programs should offer. I am in the process of writing the
> justification for the expenditure, and what I need to know is this:

Note that the upgrade cost for VEE 3.12 -> VEE 5 is far less than buying the
product outright - $495 vs $1,395.  (You actually purchase the full version at
$1,395, but add the UP2 upgrade option for a $900 discount.)  The upgrade
requires that the old VEE 3.12 version be resident on the computer to be
upgraded.  Therefore, if you're upgrading the computer, you'll have to install
VEE 3.12 before installing the upgrade.

>        1- Are the programs I have already written in VEE 3.12 going to run
> OK under VEE 5.X, or should I expect to do extensive editing to get them to
> work?

Yes they will - VEE 5 can load and run VEE 3.12 program files.  VEE 5 has both
the compiled mode and a VEE 3 compatibility mode. When converting VEE 3.12 files
to compiled mode, there are a couple of modifications that may be necessary as
well as differences in time-slicing of multi-threaded applications.  These are
covered well in the manual and shouldn't require any extensive modifications.

>        2- Roughly what will the speed increase be?

This depends on the application.  I/O bound programs will benefit the least as
the instrument communication is the main bottleneck.  Looping and computation
intensive programs should see a significant increase of 2-5X or more.

>        3- Any Gotchas?

Dynamic addressing of instruments (using the Address or Device Name control
pins) slows as the number of configured devices increase.  If you have a large
number of devices defined and use extensive dynamic addressing, you may not get
the full performance improvement expected.

In addition to the compiler, VEE 5 provides a Professional Development
Environment (PDE) that simply makes the VEE programmer's life a whole lot
easier.  The Program Explorer, Find utility, Profiler Multi-Window support, and
ActiveX integration make VEE 5 an exceptional package well worth the upgrade.

Good luck!

Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul