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HPVEE Parallel Port Error

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 25, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 25, 1999 by VRFuser
In message <>, Michael Bester <mdb2@c-> writes
>I am using the NTPPIO parallel port driver that I downloaded from the HP
>site.  I am using it to program digital potentiometers through an
>opto-coupler isolation circuit.  Every once in a while the dll will give
>back a status code of 6.  If I exit out of HPVEE and re-load it, the
>program will run fine for a while.  It seems that the HPVEE environment
>doesn't like this dll for some reason.  This error occurs randomly, so I
>know that it's not a software routine that I wrote that is causing the
>problem.  Has anybody experienced this before?  or does anyone know what
>an error 6 means?
If it's any help, we're using this DLL with VEE 5.01 under NT4 Service
Pack 3.
Our program has run at about 10 commands a minute for days on end
without error.

Maybe the source code for the DLL is on the HP site. Examining it might
reveal the meaning of error 6.

Ger Murray