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Vrf- timing

Question asked by VRFuser on May 9, 1999
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What OS?-- and it depends on the action. Vee's timer objects and it's
weakness due to the way it multithreads, makes it's timing real bad,
according to me.

The first thing I would look into is an ActiveX timer. I've seen several
freeware, shareware, and trial versions on the web. Look at   With one of these timers you can use an event
handler where you put your action in a userfunction and when it ticks, it
fires. I'm no expert at how this works, but I do know the latency involved
is more predictable and reliable like the SRQ object timing.

Another consideration, if that don't work, is if the action is performed by
an instrument, perhaps a trigger could be set up and a hardware timer used.
Or maybe, if the .1 seconds came from a re-occuring action, maybe the
measurement could trigger off of that. Get the timing out from underneath
Vee and Windows all together. I reckon that all depends on what your
tolerances are for that .1s

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I am trying to get HP-VEE to do a job every 0.1 sec. The specs I have
to fullfil are >0.1 sec between two actions.
The problem is: I get an action every 0.1 - .12 seconds, but the fifth
one has a dstance of about 40ms which is against the specs.
Is there any trick to get an action every 0.10 .. 0.12 sec but never
shorter than 0.1 sec????


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