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VRf: REPLY about HPVee and statistical software packages

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 7, 1999
Latest reply on Apr 7, 1999 by VRFuser
I am using and recommend NWA Quality Analyst
     NWA can import CSV and database files easily and perform the plot
     functions you desire.  You can also automate your query, charting, and
     Since Vee can write data files easily with the file output function
     the easiest method is to output a .dat file.
     Darrin Milner
     MFG Test Eng.

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Subject: Question about HPVee and statistical software packages
Author:  NANCY-MOREYRA-at-om ( at
Date:    4/7/99 6:00 PM

Does anyone have a recommended statistical software package which HPVee
can write mfg test data to such that one can plot paretos, trend charts,
and distributions? I am working on an automated test and writing the
software in HPVee 5.0. I want to save the test data in an MSAccess
database or a database which a statistical package can interface to.
Nancy Moreyra
Mfg Test Engr.
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