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VECTRA VE mod5 MMX ser4 crash with VEE5.01 HP I/O Lib

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 21, 1999
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If your System contains HP HP-IB Cards, You may be having IRQ conflicts with
the NT Operating System. National Instruments GPIB cards & Drivers
Allow you to configure the IRQ from the Bios and their Driver will use the
Bios IRQ rather than NT's. HP Drivers don't Appear to acknowledge the
Bios IRQ. By using National's  GPIB Drivers & Cards this problem disappeared
for us.(we believe the problem is Driver rather than Card Related)

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Subject: VRF: VECTRA VE mod5 MMX ser4 crash with VEE5.01 HP I/O Lib

We recently installed HP VEE 5.01 and the I/O libraries on a new Vectra
VE Model 5 MMX Series 4 Machine running NT 4.0.  The Vectra (which was
running fine untill the VEE install) would crash (displayed NT dump
screen) after restarting.  After a couple of NT recoveries and VEE
reinstalls we followed the suggestion on the "HOT PINK" note labeled "To
Our Customers", enclosed with the VEE software, to upgrade our BIOS.  We
successfully upgraded the BIOS and tried yet another VEE 5.0 & I/O
library install and NT crashed again! 

I'm out of ideas other than a total reinstall of NT 4.0 

I installed VEE 4.01 and its libraries with no problems.  This is a
stopgap measure, but the gameplane is to use VEE 5.01 and its activeX

Does anyone have any better suggestions?  My collegue had a similar
problem with an IBM running NT4.0.  The BIOS upgrade of that machine
fixed the problem.  Seems strange that a BIOS upgrade of an HP computer
did not resolve the HP I/O library load problem...