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VRF - Looking for VEE programmer

Question asked by VRFuser on May 13, 1999
Latest reply on May 13, 1999 by VRFuser
Hi there,

I work for Ericsson Inc. in Morgan Hill, Ca (just South of San Jose) and
I'm looking for a helper to tackle some of the VEE programming tasks I've
got myself in to.  I'm getting spread too thin and can't seem to keep up.

We design and manufacture RF Power transistors in large quantities and
the demand keeps going up.  The main area of programming will be for the
production test stations.  Basically the old code needs to learn some new
tricks.  There are also other areas that need brand new code written.

I need someone with at least a year (and preferably more) of solid VEE
programming experience.  Direct I/O to HP equipment a must.  C programming
is a plus, but not immediately required.  I wrote all the existing code, so
you wont be following behind someone who has left (I hate that).

If you are interested, please don't reply on the reflector, rather contact
me directly.  BTW, we enjoy a small company atmosphere with outstanding
large company benefits.  Hard to beat.

Mike Groves
R&D Engineering Team Leader
Ericsson Inc.

408-776-0611 (office)
408-779-3108 (fax)