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Re2: VRf-HPGL files

Question asked by VRFuser on May 28, 1996
"Johannes Mulder" <> wrote:
> Subject:       Re: VRf-HPGL files
> Yes! This would be nice, but also the other way aroud: I need HPGL
> format as output from VEE.

What doesn't work with the built-in VEE hpgl output? Is it perhaps
not as flexible or controllable as you want?

> At this moment I use a 'hand-made' headerfile which includes the grid
> I need, and I append my data and comment to it. It works, but is
> inflixible with respect to the grid, and clumsy to get good axis
> information in the picture.

I tend to be content with the built-in plot routine here.

> And it would be fine to be able to get this info back in VEE to
> display.
> It sounds reasonable to have a good interface between HPvee and HPgl
> from HP itself, isn't it?.

Perhaps, though VEE is mostly bitmapped and HPGL is strictly vector,
so at best I wouldn't expect a very strong mapping.

The displays already put out HPGL. --

What would you expect from an HPGL input?


PS- note that I am merely a user of VEE, so am in no way speaking for
    the VEE team or for HP for that matter!

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