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VRf - HP BASIC for Windows

Question asked by VRFuser on May 31, 1996
from: Frank Wellmann / ger
to: VRf
date: 05/31/96

Who can give me some information about the exact usage of the -fn option
for loading alternate fonts to HP BASIC for Windows (running on Windows95 !)


HPBASIC -fn "HTB Gothic Roman8",16,255

This command starts BASIC using the roman8 font (found in the "lexical"
NOTE: you have to use "HTB" and not "HPB" as described in the readme file !

Because of the first parameter (16) we get a character size of 16x9 pixel.
But how is it possible to get a character cell of 16x8 pixel ?
We need this size for compatibility reasons to our HP-BASIC/9000 software.
What ist the sense of the second parameter (255) ?

Another question about the HP web page "":

Why is it sometimes possible to connect to this server and sometimes not ?
(I am asked for a user name and a password)