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VRf - mixed-up numbers in const:complex

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 18, 1996
> Hey,
>   Here is one of these annoying things we sometimes run into:
>   1. From the menus select 'DATA:CONSTANT:COMPLEX' and put on your model,
>      making it al little larger than default for displaying larger number
>      formats.
>   2. Try entering e.g. (1E-20,1E-20) or even (1E-40,1E-40) into the constant.
>   3. What do you see? Does it give resp. (10E-21, 10) or (100E-42, 10) on your
>      system? Why 10?????

I've seen similar problems with complexes in the FROM STRING and have
concluded that there's a bug in the 3.12 number builder.

Try using metric suffixes instead- this has been a good workaround
for me in some cases.  1e-20 would be  .01a, etc. Or of course
you can use a "build complex".

No idea what the problem is. but what I have seen is generally restricted
to the second value in a coord or complex, so I don't believe it's
just the vagaraties of IEEE 64 bit floating point math.

Stan Bischof