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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 23, 1996
> > I got a : Serious Error
> >      Internal error : Invalid Widget Model
> >      Error number : 999
> >
> > and trying to shift to panel gave this result :
> > Serious Error
> > Internal error : Segmentation violation(signal=11)
> > error number : 979
> >
> > I was deleting some objects that was added to panel in detail view.
> > And when i pressed Save it cut.
> >
> > To Bad. :-[

> Is this a repeatable problem?  Or did it just happen once?

I've run into this several times. I have a UserObject with panel view.
In detail view I 'cut' something (one time, I think it was label) which has
been visible in panel view. Then I change to panel view. The label is still
visible there, and when I put the mouse cursor on it I get these
horrifying bright-red messages about internal errors, messages to
non-existent objects, possibly corrupted program, and contacting HP support.

Sorry about not being more precise, haven't had time to chase the bug.
Don't know the exact steps to repeat it; of course it does not happen
every time in the abovenetioned scenario. As a preventive medicine, I try to
remember to delete objects first in panel view, then cut them in detail

Oh yes the system: HP VEE 3.2 and Win95. Various 486s and Pentiums
with 16 MB of RAM. Self-written serial communications with educational
measurement gear.