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VEE & Keithly DAS-16 card

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 18, 1996
You may wish to look at the Data Translation DT21-EZ.  It is similar to the
DAS-16 and is compatible with VEE 3.12 and 3.2 (via DT-VEE extensions). 
Few companies, if any, are as tightly integrated with HP-VEE as Data

It's easy to use oddball 488 bus equipment by doing direct I/O, but ISA-bus
cards from other companies would probably require you to write low level
drivers in C.

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Subject: VEE & Keithly DAS-16 card
Author:  "Fulkerson; Barry" <> at BALT.SMTP
Date:    3/18/96 4:59 PM

Will HP-VEE work with the Keithly Metabyte DAS-16 data acquisition card?

Barry Fulkerson,