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VEE Pass Control

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 16, 1996
To:  Greg Goebel / HP-MXD
     Kit Hayashibara / VRf

Ref:  Pass Through Control using VEE

I attempted pass through control using the info that was sent out
earlier.  I am using an HP 745i workstation, and it did not work.
>From what I can deduce, the software thinks that it has passed control
but the hardware has not. 

I have an NI bus expander attached to the bus which has LEDs that indicate
the location of the active controller.  According to it, the HP
never gives up control of the bus, and the instrument that is waiting for
control, which in this case is an HP VNA, never receives it.  If I send
the TCT command again in VEE, I get the error "HP-IB interface at address
7 not active", which sounds to me like VEE thought it was not the active

I have given up on this "pass through control" concept, but if anyone has
any suggestions, I would be interested in them.

Timothy A. Axness
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Laurel, MD