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VRf - marking locations in models for later editing

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 3, 1996
> Ken:
> One Vee user suggested a feature for the next rev of Vee--
> Allow markers in user objects and locations (x, y, object/function).  Then
> when you want to edit a particular location, you could pull down the edit
> menu and click on the marker you placed and the screen will jump to the
> location of choice.  The alternative is the onion skins we have now.  If
> you are 7 layers deep and need to edit something way down, it's a pain
> opening/scrolling/opening/scrolling...

We are working on improvements along this line.  The UserObject-UserFunction
mess really needs some major cleanup.

> Another request was for a programmable "PAUSE" which halts ALL threads.
> We would need a corresponding "CONTINUE".

No thoughts on that as far as I know.  Not a demand item.  I'm not keen on
programs designed in a multithreaded fashion, they tend to lead to obscure

> Comments?
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