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VRf--User asynchronously stops a thread?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 3, 1996
If you need to break the cycle before it's complete you can do the
              |          |
              |        ******     ********
              |        * OK *-----* Stop *
              |        ******     ********
        * On cycle *------ Loop code
     If the OK button is pressed then the loop stops after the next object
     in the loop executes. If your cycle is long then you may not want to
     wait until it completes. Since VEE multiplexes between both threads 
     this works great for breaking out of loops or changing things while a
     loop is running.

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Subject: VRf--User asynchronously stops a thread?
Author: at corp
Date:    03/04/96 18:53

OK, I'm slow, and this must be an obvious one.  How does one implement a
"stop" button so that one can put a user initiated keyboard or mouse break into
a thread started with "On Cycle"?