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VRf:High Speed DC Voltage Acquisition

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 16, 1996
Hi Alberto
                I notice that in the c:vee3exampleshp3852a directory of
     the VEE for Windoze installation includes an example program for
     almost exactly your configuration.
     Gerry Murray
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Subject: High Speed DC Voltage Acquisition
Author:  Alberto Schroth <> at corp
Date:    16/06/96 13:06

I'm trying to acquire DC voltage signals at minnimum 1 kilo-hertz on two
I'm using HP-VEE, HP 3852A with HP44702 high speed voltmeter.  I'm also
using the hp44730 4 Channel Track/Hold Card.  My system is a Pentium 90
IBM-PC, w/32 Mb Ram.
Using the examples from the HP3852A/HP44702/HP44730 manuals, I don't
seem to be able to get above 275 readings per second for two channels.
Question 1: Does anyone have any suggestions on doing this faster or
more efficient?
Question 2:  Would this process be faster using HP BASIC on a HP9000/300
series computer? versus HP VEE on a Pentium 90 w/32 Mb Ram.
Any help is surely appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Alberto Schroth
Hughes Aircraft Company, El Segundo
310-616-4212 Office
310-616-4936 Laboratory