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VRf - VEE 3.2 compatible HPIB cards

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 19, 1996
TO: VRf VEE Reflector
Topic: Compatible HPIB cards for VEE 3.2

Up until VEE 3.2 I have found the HP 82990 HPIB card virtually identical
with the HP82335B. Never had any problems, even with VEE 3.1 it worked.
With VEE 3.2 IOconfig installs the card, but the instrument finder doesn't
show the card.
Is there a way/trick to get around this?

The installation guide also mentions National Instrument cards, but the ones
listed don't match the current National Instruments catalogue.
Is the AT-GPIB/TNT card (PnP or plain) compatible with VEE 3.2?
the listing only shows AT-GPIB without the TNT suffix.

Best regards, Rene Debets