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VRf-HP8720C Problem

Question asked by thomas.lindqvist on Jul 7, 1996
VRf-HP8720C Problem
>From Thomas Lindqvist
     Saab Ericsson Space

To Greg Goebel

Hello, Greg

I am adressing this to you because I know that you
have get in touch with this before.

My problem is when I download an instrument state
to a file and thereafter upload the file to HP8720C
it seems like the correction data are not inclueded
in the string. The HP8720C displays " C? " instead
of " Cor ". Is this normaly or some kind of bug?
How can I get around it?

I know you have written a Basic program to make
a Power meter calibration. In that program you
exchanged calibration data in the file and then
upload the file to instrument. If this is correct
the file must include correction data?

Thank`s for any help.

Best Regards

Thomas Lindqvist
Saab Ericsson Space AB