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Re2: Vrf - Compiled Libraries?

Question asked by VRFuser on May 1, 1996
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>Date: Wed, 01 May 96 16:58:34 EDT
>From: "Gerry Murray" <>
>Subject: Re[2]: Vrf - Compiled Libraries?

>>>      I seem to remember some discussion a few months back about compiled
>>>      ( ie *lean & fast* ) function libraries.
>I should have been more clear - I meant a HP-VEE compiler. ie Typical VEE
>programs or function libraries compiled into some leaner/faster form.
>Not necessarily into .exe files, just purely functional .vee progs that are
>hopefully smaller and faster.
>Hope this clarifies.
>Gerry Murray

I also have some very large applications that could use some slimming down
for the run time versions.  Perhaps this trimming could be done when you
secure an application.  You can not edit the program from that point on
anyway.  If there is any way to do this please forward the solution to me also.

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