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VEE_DOS timing W95

Question asked by VRFuser on May 8, 1996
On Tue, 7 May 1996, Greg Goebel wrote:

> Hmm ... Windows is not anything resembling a real-time operating system and I
> would suspect you would have the same or similar problems if you operated the
> two programs in parallel.
Hi , I think this is of general interest (with regard to W95 users):
do I understand  well, that it's not possible to set something like
"first priority run"  for VEE on W95 OS ? What I mean by that: let
suppose that time between two data execution is 15 sec. , if I'm working
during this "waiting" time with another software , which take let say 0.1
sec. time of CPU, does it mean , that real time between executions is in
fact 15 + 0.1 = 15.1 sec. ?  In another words , does VEE allows to have
"internal clock" and something like "first priority" to force executions
be taken in the strict time intervals , regardless what is going on
anywhere else ?
This is not very clear to me.
Pavel Krecmer