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VRF I/O Problems

Question asked by VRFuser on May 8, 1996

> Whenever we try to send a command to this box, the VEE Direct I/O
> WRITE transaction hangs and times out.  A Bus I/O monitor Box shows
> that the command went out properly, and the IOTECH box responds
> properly (lights the proper lights, etc.).
>  -- Andy
     Hi Andy
     My guess is that the terminator characters coming out of your VEE
     Direct I/O object are incorrect and that it might be that the
     instrument is not aware that a command has been completed. Waiting for
     a command to complete could be causing the time out.
     It might be worth checking the terminator characters coming out of
     your HP Basic program and making sur the the VEE direct I/O object
     gives out the same.
     Hope this helps
     Gerry Murray