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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 22, 1997
Pierre-Eric DEREUX
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Hye !

Some questions for those using HP VEE v 3.21 under windows NT 4.0 :

1. On a previous application, we were running HP VEE for windows 3.1, and a
    DDE server developped in Borland C++ v 4.0 to communicate with National
    Instruments boards (AT DIO 32F) via ISA bus.
    I've tried to run this DDE server on a new station (windows NT 4.0) with
    VEE 3.21 and - of course - it doesn't work.
    I'm looking for some work around to reuse this DDE server (configuring
    properly windows NT 4.0 ...?) , or, if not possible, to drive these
boards directly
    with HP VEE ...
    Have you smart solutions ?

2. I've experienced strange behavior with HP VEE 3.21 :
    - first, while working on a "big" application, I got a red window saying
      "SERIOUS ERROR Internal error : Segmentation violation (signal=11)
       Number 979". I clicked the OK button, and as adviced, I tried to save
       file with a new name.
    - then I got and other message "SERIOUS ERROR Internal error : "ID
      sent to freed object ... Error Number 999", which reappeared each time
      clicked the OK button.
    - I clicked on the other button EXIT and get "SERIOUS ERROR Internal
error :
      Message 'Context' sent to freed object ... Error number 999"
    - then I shut down the system, closing all the other applications.
    - after relogging, it was impossible to load my prevous file, I got the
      "CAUTION Error occured during load of device userobject
       Argument was not found (file=c:...) File : c:... near line 10857"
    - clicking OK, I had "CAUTION Error occured during load of device
      userfunction End of file or no data found while searching for block
       near line 1600"
    - clicking OK, the same message again for the line 70.
    - clicking OK, an Error Message (End of file or data not found while
       searching for block closure)
Strange, isn't it ?
Is my file too big ? Is there any known limitations in the number of global
variables, userobjects, userfunctions, objects, or any others problems ???

Thanks for giving attention !